FR: Daniel Tripp, MBA
RE: Tele-Town Hall Services
Thanks for Requesting More Info about Our Tele-Town Hall Services
Thanks for requesting more information about our tele-town hall services.   We can help you reach large groups of your constituents or target voters at one time.
Tele-town halls allow you to reach targeted voters at one time in an interactive conference call setting where you can poll respondants or ask for online donations.  Participants are also able to engage in the call by asking questions of the town hall host.

We'll help you schedule and prepare agendas for your tele-town halls.  We'll also help you develop social media campaigns to market events, build email lists of attendees and drive attendance to your calls.

Please click below to receive a product and pricing information sheet.  If you'd like more information, let's schedule a free strategy planning session so we can learn more about your specific situation.

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